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James Wilson, MD
12 June 2009 @ 07:22 pm

GAME INFORMATION FOR : island_nowhere


Character: James Wilson, M.D.
Fandom: House, M.D.
Character history: James Wilson was born into an upper-middle class household in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he was the middle of three very headstrong Wilson sons. Growing up, his desire to play "peacemaker" within his family earned him the nickname of "the great mediator" -- a name that his older brother still playfully teases him with. Wilson's mother and father encouraged their son's strong aptitude for science and the humanities and he was ranked at the top of his high school class, earning a prestigious scholarship at McGill University.

After completing his undergraduate work at McGill, Wilson went on to do sub-specialty work at Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. At some point during his post-graduate work, Wilson met the first of his three wives. The union did not last long and, shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, his wife filed for divorce. It was during this time that Wilson attended a medical conference in New Orleans, where he got into a scuffle at a bar, was arrested, and was subsequently bailed out by another conference attendee -- Gregory House. It was the beginning of a long, strange friendship. Wilson would go on to weather another marriage and divorce after a move to Princeton, New Jersey.

The fallout of his marriage was balanced by the relationship he had formed with House, whose friendship was often cited by his ex-wife as a reason for the split. Wilson was given a position at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where he worked his way up the administrative ladder ("through good behavior and bribes", according to House) until he obtained the position of head of Oncology. He was at House's bedside when his friend's infarction occurred, and played a substantive role in his life as he slipped further and further into a gloomy melancholy. Wilson's third wife, Julie, divorced him six years later, leaving the young oncologist 0 for 3 in the romance department.


What was the reason your character was in Australia?: Wilson attended the medical conference with Cuddy and House and, while busking around the duty free, struck up a conversation with a brassy young blonde who, as it turns out, happened to be attending the same conference. The pair contrived to get seats together on the return flight to Los Angeles.

What skills does your character have?: In addition to being trained as a medical doctor, Wilson has an incredible insight into the personalities and needs of other people. He's skilled at reading faces, actions and tones -- and he can sculpt his response to you based on what he thinks you want to hear. He's incredibly organized -- almost to a factitious degree -- and has a reputation for being the voice of reason in any chaotic situation.

What are your character's strengths and weaknesses?:

What personal challenges and struggles do you think your character will face as a result of being on the island?:

Five items salvaged from the fuselage:
James Wilson, MD
08 December 2008 @ 09:37 am
Prompt: 2. Sometimes...

Sometimes, on his way home from the hospital, he’ll take the eight-mile detour to the place where her apartment used to be. Used to be. It’s not her apartment anymore, he tells himself. There’s a family of three living there now: a man and a woman and their seven-year-old son. He saw them unloading a Christmas tree last week. Sitting in his car across the street, engine idling, he watched the man untie the ropes from the top of the car and drag the tree bodily into the street, his son running after him to scoop the fallen needles out of the snow. Once, the woman turned in his direction and he thought she saw him – saw Wilson -- and he had to stare up out of the windshield, pretending to be lost.

Sometimes, when the weather is cold like this, he’ll park his car around the corner and walk to the New York-style deli a block away from her non-apartment, ordering cup after cup of black, bitter coffee. He’ll sit in the booth in the back, warming his hands on Styrofoam, and watch Mrs. Klotz dress the day’s shipment of meat, her thick arms having no trouble swinging the large silver carving knife. He and Amber used to sit here and speculate about the origins of the infamous Mrs. Klotz. She was a teenage spy for the Allies ; she used to bellydance in Istanbul before she discovered that butchery was her true calling ; Mr. Klotz ordered her through a mail-order bride catalog but was too miserly to pay the return postage fee once he saw what she looked like. Wilson and Amber would order pastrami on rye and he would laugh when she’d have to blow her nose halfway through the meal, not used to the strong, peppery meat. Two days ago, Mrs. Klotz approached his table with two sandwiches, but balked when she saw that Wilson was alone.

“Your girlfriend working tonight?” she asked, handing both plates onto the inside of her large forearm. She topped Wilson’s coffee and raised a fuzzy felt eyebrow when Wilson told her that he and Amber weren’t together anymore. “That’s a real shame,” she said, then shook her head. “Well, here –“ she slid one of the sandwiches in front of him “—starve a cold, feed a fever, overindulge a broken heart. This one’s on the house. I’ll wrap the other one up for you to take home.”

Yesterday, House showed up at his place with six brown bottles and speculations about a case of psittacosis, needing to work one over so he could have a revelation about the other. Halfway through the night he got up to rummage around Wilson’s refrigerator, saw the sandwich, and devoured it. He came back into the living room, sniffling and rubbing the underside of his nose.

“Is all of your food performance-tested by JD Power and Associates?” he'd asked. “That meat was like chewing road tar. Don’t you keep anything, you know, normal around your place?”

Wilson pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to House.